Electricity is more efficient than the sum of individual motors
Legislation allows for the installation of sockets in garages without needing the approval of other property owners.

In order to connect the charger to the mains, a domestic plug socket Schuko CEE7 / 4 with earth wiring is required; the incoming cable to the plug, must withstand a minimum 1Kw.
The Stream charger consumes 800W h (0.8 kW h). To calculate the cost when recharging battery, simply multiply 0.8 x the price of kw/h. It takes 5h for a full recharge of the battery, from 0 to 100 percent, that is a full recharge of the battery will consume (0.8 x 5 x price kw/h), with which you can circulate for 80km on average.
The number of hours required to charge the battery depends on your charge level when plugging it in. For example: if we you have travelled 40kms, you will need to recharge it by 50%, 2.30 hours will suffice.


second life

After reaching the end of the battery life cycle for its use in the scooter (2000 cycles or 160,000kms approximately), these are not discarded, instead they are still valid as energy storage in storage plants currently under construction (especially important for renewable energy).



Even at the end of this "second life" the batteries are dismantled for recycling and the reuse of materials in the manufacture of new batteries.

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