A new concept in urban movility

From the very begining in Ecomotion, it was very clear we do not want to develop just "another" vehicle, the STREAM, the first LEVev vehicle, has to reach the performance of a top level 125cc. Scooter, with inferior consumption and maintenance costs while keeping a similar end-user buying price.

To do so, we had to check every part, developping improvements bringin eficiency and increasing performanc up to the require levels.

First important decision: 100% electric or hybrid?

• Hybrid vehicles benefit from a larger range but slighly reduce consumption and highly increase complexity of the engine and mainteance.
• For a 60km. daily ride, a 100% electric vehicle can be built with enough range, while massively reducing consumption and mainteance costs. Moreover, it produces 0 emissions.

Ecomotion will develop a 100% electrical scooter, to be used on urban environment.

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